OverStitch® gastric reduction is recommended for those who despite diets and lifestyle changes are unable to reduce their excess weight Gastric reduction therapy can be successfully applied to the treatment of overweight and extreme obesity Fast and lasting weight loss is now achievable with non-surgical endoscopic OverStitch® gastroplasty.

Minimally Invasive Procedure
Against Obesity

The OverStitch® gastric reduction is a revolutionary new ESG (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty) method. The pioneer of this procedure was Mayo Clinic in 2012, and since then, it has gained popularity not only in the United States but also worldwide due to its minimally invasive nature. The essence of the treatment is to place a suture longitudinally along the stomach through endoscopic techniques via the esophagus This suture contracts the stomach along its length, which could reduce it to even the third of its original size. This helps the stomach in the less food intake and, as a result, leads to a quicker sense of satiety.

With the OverStitch® endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure, we can not only avoid drastic surgical interventions, but also achieve proven and long-term weight loss and lifestyle changes. Through endoscopic gastroplasty, patients can typically lose 20-25% of their body weight in one year on average. For example, a patient weighing 100 kg could expect to lose 20-25 kg. Of course, for more successful weight loss, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure, recommended by our doctors and team members who support the lifestyle changes. Thanks to this, we can improve our quality of life and reduce the health risks associated with obesity.

Compared to traditional gastric reduction surgeries, with the OverStitch® endoscopic procedure there is no risk of surgical complications, only safe weight loss and a more health-conscious lifestyle!

Gastric Reduction with OverStitch® Endoscopic Procedure

The OverStitch® endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure is strictly performed by a certified specialist under short anesthesia. During the procedure (approximately 50 minutes), an endoscope is inserted through the mouth into the stomach, and with the help of a special tool, multiple rows of sutures are placed within the stomach, thereby narrowing it.

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